DIMF 2023: Explore the Future of Machining Technology

How many companies do you know that hold their own international exhibition? To be successful, an organization has to have scope, vision, advanced technology and the loyalty of manufacturers across the globe. There are only a handful of companies in the world that can pull that off. We are proud to say that DN Solutions is one of them. Welcome to DIMF 2023.

What is DIMF?

DIMF (DN Solutions International Machine Tool Fair) is an exhibition that provides us with the opportunity to introduce the brand value of our company to each and every visitor.

We plan to display a total of 70 models at the exhibition, including 40 new models with condensed cutting-edge technologies, 5-axis/complex machining solutions, high-productivity automation solutions, and smart manufacturing solutions with expanded lineups.

When and Where

DIMF is too big for just one venue. Exhibitions will take place simultaneously in South Korea from June 5-8 at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO) and the DN Solutions Seongju factory in Changwon. Using the Changwon facility as a second exhibition hall allows us to demonstrate large-sized models such as those used in the oil, gas and aviation industries.

New Directions

This DIMF is very meaningful as it is the first exhibition to be held after changing our name to DN Solutions last year. We plan to actively utilize DIMF 2023 as a venue to directly explain the changes to our mission and brand to customers, while revealing our vision as a manufacturing solutions leader.

Join Us

We believe that our technology has grown to a level comparable to that of the world's top companies. But don't take our word for it. DIMF 2023 may be an invite-only event, but you can follow all the updates on our social media platforms from June 5-8.

Look for much more very soon.

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