The Next Generation: Meet the New NHP 5500

In recent years, the NHP 4000 established itself as an industry standard in 40 taper horizontal machining. At Doosan, we’re always researching and developing to build upon a successful design.

On that note, the NHP 5500 2nd Generation is officially here. Just as the 4000 set a 40 taper standard, the 5500 will do the same for 50 taper. It’s a built-from-the-ground-up addition to a powerful and productive horizontal family.

Spec check: the NHP 5500 is new and improved

The NHP 5500 2nd Generation brings new benefits to this horizontal machining center family. A one-piece Meehanite cast iron bed with three-point leveling allows for better stability and accuracy. A step-guided column structure reduces mass while boosting speed and precision, and center thru chip disposal lets chips fall directly onto an internal scraper conveyor for easy chip evacuation.

  • CAT50 BIG-PLUS taper 10,000 r/min spindle is powered by a 60.3 horsepower motor that outputs over 475 ft-lb of torque. Chilled for thermal control and long operation.
  • Rapid feedrates for XYZ axes are at 2,362 IPM with over 1G acc/dec on the Y and Z axes. High stiffness and accuracy for a better surface finish thanks to large roller linear guideways.
  • Full B-axis made with roller gear cam construction for backlash-free operation. Indexes 0 to 90 degrees in 1.2 seconds.
  • Standard 60-tool magazine with the option for more.
  • 264-gallon sludge-free coolant tank with cyclone filter and oil skimmer is standard out of the box. Handles super fine chips at the tank bottom, extending coolant and pump life.
  • Standard 20 bar (230 psi) coolant thru spindle.

Who’s it for?

The 2nd Generation NHP 5500 is perfectly suited for the automotive industry. With its 50 taper spindle and torque to spare, it’s right at home with tougher materials like steel and cast iron. Components like manifolds, brake components, suspension components and some heavy-duty housings will come out looking spectacular when the 5500 is done with them.

On top of the automotive industry, job shops who have a similar need for strength and toughness will find a whole lot to like in the NHP 5500.

Next-gen horizontals are here. Talk to your distributor today!

The 2nd Generation NHP 5500 updates the design, features and concept of the NHP 4000. For all of its new benefits, it also comes with the Doosan attributes you know and love: incredible performance-per-dollar, consistent reliability and impeccable support.

To get a feel for that support, reach out to your local Doosan distributor. They’ll tell you more about what the NHP 5500 can do for you.

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