It’s been too long since we’ve all been together in one place, but IMTS 2022 is almost here. It’s our first as DN Solutions, and we are READY TO ROCK. Names change, greatness endures, and #MachineGreatness will be on full display at McCormick Place from September 12 to 17. So, stop by and check out our 15 machine lineup, including some of our latest additions to our product line live and in-person. You’ll find our booth in the South Building, Level 3: #338900.

There is a common thread among all the machines we’re bringing to the show floor at IMTS: they are all based on our customers’ needs. In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the first step in our design process is “Listen carefully.” That’s why we offer a product line that is so diverse. It’s simple, really. We provide the perfect machine for each individual machining niche that allows a customer, no matter what their specialty, to create amazing parts.

The Machines

Here’s a look at a few of the machines that will be on display at the DN Solutions booth. Check out live demos throughout the week and learn why so many companies are embracing DN to up their game when it comes to precision and productivity.

Level up with Automation

Rotary Pallet System 4000: With six pallets in the system, the RPS 4000 is perfect for high-mix low-volume job shops that need to cut down setup times on their horizontal machining applications. This single-level rotary pallet system features a compact footprint and a price that will fit into any budget.

Automatic Work Changer for the DVF 5-Axis Series: Compact and modular, this AWC is an economical way to get into automation for our vertical 5-axis machining centers. It sits on the side of the machine tool, allowing full access to the front doors. Available with pallet counts of four thru 12, the model shown at IMTS will feature eight pallets.

Multi-Level Automatic Work Changer: With its stacked design, the Multi-Level AWC is a perfect fit when floor space is tight. Combined with the 200-tool capacity on the DVF 5000, it can run all night on a single setup. The version shown at IMTS will feature four levels with 10 pallets per level for a total of 40 pallets.

5-Axis Applications

DVF 4000: A smaller sibling of the DVF 5000, the new DVF 4000 is the perfect choice for entry level integrated 5-axis machining. It’s ideal for shops working in the medical industry who want to move up to the next level without spending half a million dollars on a machine tool.

DVF 5000: This automation-ready 5-axis powerhouse eliminates the need for multiple setups. The DVF 5000 is designed to handle diverse 5-sided or simultaneous 5-axis applications to meet a variety of customer needs.

Vertical Machining Centers

BVM 5700: The BVM 5700 is a massive machine, weighing in at 17,000 lbs. With its bridge type construction and single direction moving table, customers can handle heavier parts get better rigidity with this premium VMC.

SVM 5100L: The SVM 5100L is designed for fast, light duty machining operations. Performance is optimized to provide shorter cycle times by reducing the acceleration/deceleration times of the XYZ axes and spindle, thereby minimizing non-cutting time.

Horizontal Turning Centers

PUMA 3100LSY: A new addition to the company’s family of horizontal turning centers. This PUMA expands the capabilities of the line by incorporating a sub-spindle. It’s ideal for any shop running long shaft work that requires machining on both ends of the shaft with turning in the middle.

Horizontal Machining Centers

NHP 4000: Built from the ground up for rapid metal removal rates, the NHP 4000 is designed to meet the manufacturing demands of many industries, including automotive and aerospace. It’s feature-rich, yet configurable for a wide range of applications.

Vertical Turning Centers

PUMA V9300 with ATC: This high-performance, heavy-duty vertical mill-drill turning center was developed in response to requests from our aerospace customers for a VTC that could handle bigger parts and complete them in a single setup.

The Incentives

Act Now: Process Control Package valued at $10,000+ on standard DVF machines. Special financing is also available now. Contact your distributor for more info.

Act at IMTS: Need a difference-making DN machine? IMTS is absolutely the time to act. We can’t give away all the details just yet, but we promise our discount and giveaway promotions will be more than enough to sweeten the already pretty sweet (if we do say so ourselves) pot.

The New Name

Over the past five decades, we’ve built our reputation as an industry leader by focusing on Machine Greatness. Under the name of DN Solutions, we will build on our legacy of difference-making machine tools with great solutions including future-forward automation, software and technology.

The “D” in DN alludes to the 45 years of history of trust built by Daewoo and Doosan, the predecessors of DN Solutions, along with DTR Automotive, the predecessor of DN Automotive (our new parent company and world-class manufacturer of tires, batteries and vibration management systems). “N” represents Now & New, the will of the DN Group to open new paths by constantly taking on new challenges now rather than being complacent about past achievements. It also means that it will begin a new and bigger era empowered by the strong synergy between the two companies that have now become one family.

DN Solutions: The New Chapter

With all of this cutting edge technology and a new brand, there is a lot for us to celebrate. On the opening day of the show, WJ Kim, President of DN Solutions, will be introducing the new name to the North American market and discussing what’s next for the company.

Mr. Kim’s announcement will be followed by remarks from Doug Woods, President of the Association for Manufacturing Technology, and Graham Hooper, President & CEO of Ellison Technologies. This will take place in the DN Solutions booth at 5PM on Monday, September 12.

Experience It Live!

It’s been a long four years and we have lots to tell you. Stop by and let us show you the innovative machines that reside at DN Solutions. Visit us at IMTS in booth #338900 or follow show updates on Facebook and Instagram.

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