Complete Parts in One Setup with the PUMA 3100LSY HTC with Sub-Spindle

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our family of horizontal turning centers. This new machine expands the capabilities of the line by incorporating a sub-spindle into the design. Say hello to the PUMA 3100LSY (and goodbye to multiple setups). The new model will make its debut in Booth #338900 at IMTS 2022, which will take place in Chicago on September 12-17.

As usual, our customers played a significant role in the development of the new model. Thank you, by the way. Your feedback indicated the need for a sizable HTC that is versatile enough to make a complete part (and groups of parts) for defense work, aerospace, oil and gas, compressors and conveyor components.

In general, the PUMA 3100LSY is ideal for any shop doing longer shaft work that requires machining on both ends of the shaft and turning in the middle. If that’s you, keep scrolling to learn more.

Made for multi-tasking

The PUMA 3100LSY has a 3,000 r/min, 40 hp (30 kW) main spindle and a 30 hp (22 kW) 4,000 r/min sub-spindle, with the distance between the two being 63.58”. The sub-spindle enables transfer of the part for backside machining, thus making it possible to complete a part in one setup. The programmable C-axis on the main and sub-spindle is paired with a BMT-65 live tooling turret that houses 12 tools and runs 5,000 r/min with a 10 hp motor. This design allows milling, drilling and tapping on the back side of parts. Both spindles are temperature controlled for better thermal control.

High speed turret indexing and ultra-fast rapid traverse rates on the PUMA 3100LSY minimize non-cutting time. Mill-drill capability and Y-axis with a full C-axis sub-spindle reduce the need for secondary operations, eliminating additional setup and handling costs.

Increased throughput plus superior finishes

The PUMA 3100LSY has a maximum turning diameter of 16.53” (420 mm) and a maximum length of 50.6” (1,285 mm), with a maximum main spindle chuck size 15” and sub-spindle chuck size of 12.0". Parts can be automatically ejected into the standard parts catcher and onto the parts conveyor.

The beltless integral sub-spindle delivers smooth vibration-free operation. Maximum spindle torque is 441 ft-lbs (9,599 Nm). The spindle is supported by angular contact bearings in the front and cylindrical roller bearings in the rear.

Advanced control for easy operation

The PUMA 3100LSY comes standard with the latest version of the FANUC 0i Plus control with an iHMI touchscreen, which enhances operating convenience by incorporating common-design buttons and layout. It features improved file management, a modern look and a user interface that is more readily accepted by the up-and-coming workforce. Almost anyone can work this HTC—that’s something we’ve made sure of.

Want to learn more?

See a demonstration of the PUMA 3100LSY, and other innovative products from DN Solutions, in Booth #338900 at IMTS in Chicago on September 12-17. You can also contact us at our New Jersey headquarters.

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