Cat’s Out of the Bag: Check Out the New PUMA DNT Series

P.T. Barnum famously said that “comfort is the enemy of progress.” While our extremely popular PUMA GT 2100 and 2600 models have been international best-selling turning centers for a long time, after listening to our customers (and the little voice in our heads that always drives us forward), we decided it was time to up our game. The result is the brand-new PUMA DNT Series, the next generation in a long line of epic turning centers.

The upgrades on the DNT Series include features that separate it from its GT predecessors by way of enhanced rigidity, usability and accuracy. We asked Andy McNamara, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DN Solutions America, to give us a tour of the features on the new PUMA DNT 2100 and PUMA DNT 2600.

“The PUMA DNT Series is equipped with the most powerful spindle in its class, a redesigned turret body and live tool drive that guarantee powerful and precise machining and exceptional productivity,” he said. “The design of the new machines focuses on convenient operation and easy maintenance.”


The DNT Series comes in a 2-axis and a milling version. Both have a 25 hp (18.6 kW) or 35 hp (26.1 kW) motor that turn the spindle at speeds ranging from 3,500 to 4,500 r/min.

Chuck sizes are also common to both configurations with a range of eight to twelve inches in diameter.

The maximum turning diameter of the 2-axis models is 15.7” (398.8 mm) to 18.1” (460 mm) and the maximum turning length is 21.6” (549 mm) to 42.4” (1077 mm). The milling versions come with a maximum turning diameter of 12.6” (320 mm) to 14.7” (373 mm). The maximum turning length is 19.7” (500 mm) to 40.5” (1029 mm). The BMT-55 live tooling turret has speed of 6,000 r/min powered by a 7.5 hp (5.6 kW) motor.


“Like the GT Series, box guideways are applied to all axes on the DNT Series to prevent vibration, ensure dynamic rigidity and deliver powerful and precise machining during heavy duty cutting,” McNamara said. Rigidity enhancements on the DNT Series consist of an improved bed design, which includes increased guideway span and saddle width, a higher rigidity bearing arrangement in the main spindle and adoption of a high rigidity, low temperature live tool drive.


“There are a number of convenience features that we’ve added to the DNT Series to make it easier for the machinist,” McNamara said. “These include an ergonomic control panel with adjustable height iHMI touch screen for quick and easy operation, a wider maintenance space and the addition of an inverter type chip converter with a 45° incline cover design for better chip handling.”


The PUMA DNT Series improves on machining accuracy by optimizing the spindle structure and adopting the thermal compensation function (optional). A low heat generation bearing in the new live tool drive also helps to minimize thermal deformation.


Options that add to the versatility of the DNT Series include a high torque spindle, servo tailstock, servo automatic door and others. For light automation, a parts conveyor and various bar feeders are offered.

“The PUMA DNT Series machines have the largest machining areas in their class and deliver maximum productivity with minimum cost,” McNamara said. “You won’t find a more comprehensive range or a better combination of value, performance and reliability anywhere else.”

To learn more about the new DNT Series machines or other innovative DN products, talk to your local distributor.

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