The Doosan DVF Series: Complex 5-Axis Machining Made Easy

As we’ve mentioned before, our customers are an integral part of our engineering efforts to continually improve our products. Their feedback and suggestions enable us to bring new products to market and continually fine-tune them to keep up with changing demands in the market place. A perfect example is the DVF Series.

We caught up with John DiDomenico, Deputy General Manager, Inside Sales & Operations and Ryan Matz, 5-Axis Specialist – National Sales, and asked them to walk us through the development of this popular family of 5-axis machines.

The Game-Changing DVF 5000

Ryan: “The DVF Series is made up of compact 5-axis vertical machining centers that are fully packaged to handle our customers’ diverse 5-sided or simultaneous 5-axis applications. It all began with the DVF 5000, which was designed to cut the most complex shapes with just one setup."

“We made all the bells and whistles standard on the DVF 5000 so the machine was ready to go on Day One. These include a CAT40/BIG PLUS® taper built-in 18,000 r/min spindle, absolute glass scales on XYZ axes and angular optical encoders on B and C axes. A FANUC 31i-B5 CNC controller makes full 5-axis simultaneous control (all axes feeding at once) possible, giving full contouring capabilities (See 5-Axis Mania for more details).

“This integrated configuration was a lot more attractive to shop owners than the add-on arrangements they were using before to get the productivity and quality they wanted. Customers loved it from the start.”

Super-Sizing the DVF Family

John: “It wasn’t long before shops were asking us for a larger version of the design for bigger parts. That request resulted in the introduction of the DVF 6500, which has an integrated 25.6" (650mm) diameter A- over C-axis rotary table. The C-axis is driven by a highly rigid roller gear cam and the A-axis is driven by tandem roller gear cams for maximum stiffness and rigidity. The DVF 6500 also has many of the same features of the DVF 5000, including scale feedback on all axes and 31iB5 control for full 5-axis simultaneous machining.

“We must have done something right, because DVF 6500 models are flying out the door.”

We Want Bigger…and Turning

Ryan: “For even bigger jobs, the DVF 8000 has a 31.5" (800mm) diameter rotary table. For turning operations, the DVF 8000T adds a direct-drive rotary table with 600 r/min turning power. It uses an HSK 63T spindle, which is perfect for jobs that demand tight tolerances. Both DVF 6500 and DVF 8000T models also come standard with Renishaw NC4 laser probes for automated in-process measurement.”

More Features. More Benefits.

John: “Each DVF Series machine comes standard with a 60-tool servo-driven automatic tool changer to give the customer the tooling flexibility needed for complex parts, with larger magazines available for those really demanding jobs. The oil cooled spindle and proprietary Doosan thermal compensation algorithms minimize the effect of heat generation. Roller LM guideways, Renishaw probe interface and high-pressure coolant interface are just some of the additional premium features that our customers all know and love that are standard throughout the DVF lineup.”

All of this comes in a compact footprint which enables installation where floor space is limited or comes at a premium. So whatever your needs, there is a DVF machine ready to go to work on your parts today.

Automation Available

Ryan: “We’ve also designed a diverse range of tailored options that provide automation and convenience features that make the DVF Series applicable for unmanned machining. One example is the optional/retrofittable AWC (Auto Workpiece Changer) that has been so successful in delivering lights out capability on the DVF 5000 right out of the box. For the DVF 6500 and DVF 8000(T), there are pallet changers which can be utilized to tie into an expandable linear pallet system that may have different machines connected.”

Want to Learn More?

That’s the story on our DVF Series. If you’d like to hear more details about your particular needs, click here to find a Doosan Distributor near you. You can also contact us at our New Jersey headquarters.

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