SVM 4100: This One’s for the Machinists with a Dream

The new SVM 4100 goes toe-to-toe with the best value vertical machining centers.

In CNC machining, we all start somewhere. Whether it’s a full-time setup in your own facility or a side hustle out of your garage, small beginnings often lead to monumental, world-changing things.

Those are our Doosan Shops. We love seeing the things they make and believe in their limitless potential. For that reason, we’ve added a speedy, compact value-based vertical machining center to the family: the SVM 4100.

Built To Fit

Our existing customers—and the people who aren’t in the club yet but are keeping an eye on us—challenged us to create a lighter, faster performance-per-dollar VMC, and now it’s here. The SVM 4100 brings fast feedrates, amped up X/Y/Z accel/decel and boosted spindle accel/decel.

Not only that, but in true Doosan fashion, this machine is packed with standard features that other machine tool manufacturers make you pay extra for. It starts with through spindle coolant and keeps going from there.

Bottom line: if cost is what you’re focused on, you won’t find much better anywhere else in the industry. This machine is an asset for job shops, production houses and even garages that churn out parts every day.

Time To Grow

A recent SVM 4100 buyer put the machine right next to his washer and dryer. We don’t know about you, but a story like that absolutely pumps us up. Whether you’re a productive job shop or a one-man show, if you have knowledge and a vision for your machining future, the SVM 4100 is a crucial step on that journey.

To snag one, find your local Doosan distributor and give ‘em a call. They’ll be ready to set you up once the machine lands on U.S. soil in Fall 2021.

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