PUMA GT Series: A Classic HTC Design That Machinists Depend On

What do a Ford Model T automobile, Levi’s jeans, Moby Dick and just about any Beatles song have in common? They’re all considered to be “classics” – items judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and an outstanding example of their type. By that definition, the PUMA GT Series has to be considered a classic in the field of machine tools.

If It Ain’t Broke…

Introduced in the 1980s, PUMAs have proven to be real workhorses in the manufacturing industry. Today, thousands of them can be found in shops big and small across the USA. Customers are big fans of the older machines and when the time comes for replacement or expanding shop capacity, they want a machine that gives the same feeling of confidence. No worries. The PUMA GT Series fits the bill, spec for spec. Basically, it’s a brand-new version of the PUMA they bought 15 years ago. For those reasons, we get a lot of repeat orders. A lot.

Just like earlier models, the PUMA GT Series machines have boxway design that dampens vibrations and feels right at home with heavy interrupted cutting. All are also available with live tooling capability. We have added a few technological upgrades, like a brand-new FANUC controller with iHMI and Doosan EOP package.

The GT series has never been decontented (had features removed) as other machine tool builders might do to make their machines more cheaply. The consistency of quality and standard features are greatly appreciated by our customers.

The PUMA GT Series has kept up with automation solutions as well. Barfeeders and overhead gantry loaders are available, and customers have added automatic doors and cobots for part loading and unloading.

Who Buys One (or More)?

Besides replacing older machines, given the range in bed sizes and chuck sizes of the PUMA GT series (see the complete lineup), they’re likely to find a new home anywhere. It’s truly a universal machine. One first tier automotive company owns over 150 of them. They’re great for small shops just starting out, too. The PUMA GT’s compact footprint and intuitive usability make it an instant hit with owners and operators.

A Solid Reputation

Just like its predecessors, cost of ownership is definitely a factor of the PUMA GT Series’ popularity. They very rarely have service issues and are easy to fix when they do. The uncomplicated design provides extended tool and machine life.

Whether you call it a “classic,” a “global standard” or just “the PUMA,” the PUMA GT Series definitely gives great value. To find out more about this outstanding horizontal turning center, click here to find a Doosan distributor near you. You can also contact us at our New Jersey headquarters.

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