Diversified Fittings and the PUMA TT: A Perfect Match

The PUMA TT series of twin-turret turning centers tend to transform the shops they serve. Nowhere is that more clear than at Diversified Fittings, an Ohio-based maker of hydraulic fittings. What previously took three operations now takes one, and all their jobs have seen at least 30% cycle time improvement.

That’s the power of the PUMA TT.

About Diversified Fittings

The Diversified story starts with Craig Cogar, President of the company. He’s been in the hydraulics fittings business for decades, starting after high school and working his way up until he launched Diversified Fittings in 1997, realizing a lifelong dream to own his own business.

Today, 95% of the parts going out the job shop’s door are hydraulic fittings. It’s all made to order, with sizes ranging from small to large, made of stainless, brass, aluminum, Hastelloy and various high-performance alloys.

The shop serves about 30 long-term customers and has made a name for itself with quick delivery times, fast response and a particular aptitude when dealing with lower quantities.

Doosan Enters the Picture

Diversified Fittings installed its first Doosan in 2005, a Lynx 220.

“Doosan has always had a great reputation for products, service and competitive pricing, so that’s why we went with them,” Cogar said. “We have owned other brands of machine tools in the past. When we compare reliability, performance, accuracy, and value coupled with the support from Ellison, there is no comparison to Doosan. That is why we are 100% sold on them.”

Two new PUMA TT1800SY machines have been installed recently: one in 2020 and an identical one in early 2021. The first PUMA TT was purchased when Diversified realized they needed to eliminate labor costs and be more competitive with certain parts. As for the second PUMA TT, it was purchased for a much simpler reason: the first one was such a game changer.

“We previously ran parts in three operations, but they’re now done in one on the TTs,” Cogar said. “The parts are beautiful, and we get a lot more peace of mind. After all, the more you handle a part, the more likely it is something will go wrong.”

The twin PUMA TT machines have transformed Diversified Fittings. They’re getting twice the cutting with the two turrets and seeing massive labor savings. Every job they give to the machines has enjoyed at least 30% cycle time improvement, with some over 50%.

On top of the PUMA TT machines, Diversified also has DNM 400 and DNM 4500 machining centers. And of course, the original Lynx 220 they bought in 2005 is still going strong, with a few more Doosan turning centers in the mix.

Value and Support from Ellison Technologies

Cogar has been buying machine tools from Matt Bujoll and the Ellison team for about 20 years. Cogar is such a believer in the support Ellison gives Diversified Fittings that when he needs a machine, he doesn’t need to call anyone else. “They do a great job with service, and their engineering support helps us figure out how to shave seconds off applications,” he said.

Time for a new Doosan?

Whether you need a twin turret turning center or something else entirely, Doosan has the diverse product lineup and deep expertise to make your next machine a reliable, productive, growth-in-a-box asset for years to come.

Talk to us today or contact your trusted local Doosan distributor to get the conversation started.

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