Bridging the Gap in Vertical Machining Center Performance

There’s a new machine tool coming down the road that is going to make a lot of people in the machining industry very happy. It’s a top of the pyramid vertical machining center with enough performance to delight machinists from job shops to die mold and everything in between. Drum roll please. Doosan is pleased to introduce the latest in a long line of innovative machine tools: the new BVM 5700.

The Design

“To optimize precision and productivity in a vertical machining center, we’ve combined a bridge frame structure with a 15,000 r/min built in spindle that is powered by a 50 hp motor that outputs 158 ft/lbs of torque,” said Andrew McNamara, Director of National Sales. “This allows high feed rates when machining aluminum, or heavy cuts in tool or mold steel.” The BVM 5700 iron is massive, weighing 17,000 lbs. The end result is an overall superior structure for cutting performance and accuracy.

Built for Precision and Productivity

The bridge type structure is often found on many of the higher end VMCs that are designed to stay in the cut for longer periods of time. With no stacked axes and a reduced number of joints, the bridge type is, overall, a superior structure when compared to the standard C-frame. It delivers more stiffness, along with better accuracy and speed. The bridge frame also allows the spindle carrier to be closer to the axis, which brings better benefits to thermal expansion.

Shipped Loaded

“Our goal for the BVM 5700 was to give end users everything they needed right out of the box without breaking the bank,” McNamara said. “This explains the generous list of standard features.” Among these are AICC II with Smooth Surface Package, which benefits anyone doing high speed machining or contouring applications. There’s also a Machine Condition Selection Function with a spectrum of accuracy or speed for dialing in your perfect setup. The Smart Thermal Control actively compensates for temperature fluctuations through a series of sensors placed throughout the machine.

Also standard is a FANUC 0i MF Plus controller with a 15” touchscreen and iHMI. “With skilled workers hard to find, this was an easy decision to make,” McNamara said. “The FANUC control is easier to learn than some other systems and it’s what all the students in tech schools are learning on.”

Other standard features include:

  • RH rear discharge hinge belt conveyor
  • Ballnut cooling of all axes
  • Through spindle coolant (290 psi) and through spindle air
  • 40 tool magazine
  • Renishaw probe ready
  • CAT 40 BIG-PLUS taper
  • And more

Early Feedback

“Even though we’ve just started the release process, we already have orders in-house,” said McNamara. “It is apparent that we have a winning combination in the BVM 5700.”

Here’s what some our new owners and prospects had to say:

“I like that it’s a complete package right out of the box.”

“I’m impressed with the weight. This machine is a beast.”

“Fifty horsepower is overkill for the parts I have in the shop right now, but it definitely gives me future potential.”

“The bridge design is a huge upside at this price point.”

“The lineup just keeps getting better. I can see myself growing with Doosan.”

“The BVM 5700, with its bridge frame, long list of standard features and optimal performance at a competitive price, is the vertical machining center that a lot of our customers have been waiting for,” McNamara said. “If your applications require the next step up in VMC performance, this is the machine for you.”

Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to hear more details about your particular needs, click here to find a Doosan distributor near you. You can also contact us at our New Jersey headquarters. Be sure to ask about our limited-time promotional pricing on the BVM 5700.

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