Better Get Another: The Doosan Shops of 2021

2021 will soon come to a close. Yeah, that’s bonkers, we know. It really does feel like it was 2019 just yesterday. Lucky for us, we have a lot of proof that 2021 did, in fact, happen. All year, we’ve been highlighting end-users whose Doosan machines have made a real impact on their productivity, efficiency and even the way they train their new recruits.

We’re excited to keep telling these stories in 2022, but for now let’s revisit some of the Doosan Shops that honored us this year by sharing their enthusiasm with the world.

Elite Turning & Machining Sees Business Boom with Doosan

Elite Turning & Machining opened its doors in 2012 from a rented office in Rochester, NY with a single CNC lathe on the floor. Since then, they’ve built a name for themselves based on the quality of the work they produce. Three years in, they moved to a 15,000 square-foot facility and added two Doosan machines to their lineup with the help of their distributor, Syracuse Supply. Business continues to boom and they’re on their way to an even larger space, and they contribute a large portion of that success to having Doosan machines along for the ride.

Diversified Fittings and the PUMA TT: A Perfect Match

Diversified Fittings is a maker of hydraulic fittings. In fact, that’s 95% of what goes out the door. They snagged their first Doosan in 2005—a Lynx 220—and quickly realized what a game changer their new cat would be. They’ve continued to add more Doosan machines to their lineup, welcoming two PUMA TT1800SYs in 2021. Since then, they’ve seen a 30% improvement in cycle time.

Meet Horsepower Inc: 2020 #PARTPRIDE Grand Prize Winner

HPi is a dedicated Doosan Shop, sporting nine active models on their floor as of 2021. Those nine machines have a great gig, spending the majority of their time cranking out aftermarket throttle body parts and intake replacements for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. In 2020, they entered our part-making competition, #PartPride, and beat nine other monthly winners to take the grand prize. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but they truly deserved the win.

Linear Pallet System Accelerates Growth at Focused on Machining

When Justin Quinn acquired Focused on Machining in 2016, the company was bringing in about 700k a year. Today, it averages 2 million. Pretty darn impressive, isn’t it? One of the key factors to their success was getting turned onto Doosan by distributor J.M. Grisley Machine Tools. These days, their shop floor is loaded with Doosan machines, but one of the biggest difference-makers has been the linear pallet system that allows them to average 16 hours of production every day.


What happens when two General Mills electricians get together to make their own custom bikes? A whole lot, it turns out. A couple of custom bikes turned into a love for machining and a booming business that grew from 50k in revenue in 2020 to 500k in 2021. And it all started with a surprisingly generous bank loan, a brand new machine courtesy of Ellison Technologies, and knowing for a fact that Doosan machines are absolute workhorses.


UNISIG certainly loves Doosan machines, but their story was a little different. Business is booming 2021, but they have the same problem as many other shops: finding the right talent. Enter TITANS of CNC and their partnership with Doosan. The TITAN Training Program gives new recruits and experienced machinists alike access to a large library of tutorials. Whether they’re new to using certain machines or just want to hone their skills, the process is a whole lot easier thanks to Doosan and TITANS of CNC.

Provisur Technologies

If we had to give out a “Most Impressed by Doosan Machines” Award for 2021, it’d probably go to Provisur Technologies. A global equipment manufacturer for food processing technology, they’ve been providing quality parts since 1972. Needless to say, they know a thing or two about what’s great for their shop and what isn’t. That’s why it was no surprise that they immediately pulled the trigger after seeing what a Doosan can achieve. Not just on one machine by the way, but on 17 of them all at once.


OMIC R&D provides companies with crucial applied machining manufacturing research for tough alloys. Their findings help other shops overcome the pain points that hold them back from higher levels of performance and efficiency. As for us? We’re proud that there are so many Doosan machines helping them with their work along the way.

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