Doosan is Part of a Winning Package for Joe Gibbs Racing

The oldest Doosan machine on the Joe Gibbs Racing shop floor dates back to 1998.

Since that time, components produced on Doosan machines have been on cars that have won five NASCAR Cup Series Championships and three Daytona 500s. That’s a winning combination. Is it any wonder that the team’s manufacturing complex in Huntersville, North Carolina has almost 30 Doosan machines supporting the team’s racing operations? What makes JGR and Doosan such a good fit? Glad you asked. Let’s examine.


When they’re running in a 200 mph pack with bare inches to spare, JGR drivers depend on every single component on their cars to go the distance. They know from experience that the machine operators in Huntersville and their Doosan machines have their backs.


Having one brand of equipment on the floor streamlines all aspects of logistics on the floor. Every operator knows how the Doosan machines function: controls and operation, probing and tool measuring routines, machine maintenance, etc. Any pro in the shop can walk up to a machine and pitch right in.


JGR has experienced very few mechanical problems with their Doosan machines over the years. In a fast-paced job shop environment, with Championship points on the line, sometimes the machines are treated a little rough (to put it mildly), but they just keep cranking out precision parts on demand.


Building a NASCAR Cup race cars requires the team to mill, drill and finish a variety of materials from aluminum to titanium with great precision. Doosan has the product line that allows JGR to tackle any complex part with the equipment that’s right on the floor. From heavy duty boxway vertical machining centers with gear head spindles, to productive horizontal machining centers, to turning centers with Y-axis capability and turn-mill multi-tasking machines.


When it comes down to it, success at JGR depends on delivering a best-in-class machine to the starting line on Race Day. Each track has its own challenges on man and machine, from Talladega to Bristol. The talent of the designers, engineers and operators in the shop is just as important as the talent behind the wheel. Each machine tool operator has the confidence that they are always ahead of the curve when comparing themselves to other manufacturing facilities. The Doosan machines they run are a big part of that confidence because they know that the design and build professionals making those machines have the same philosophy.

You can’t argue with success, and Doosan is proud to be part of the continued success of Joe Gibbs Racing. The quality, range, toughness and familiarity of their Doosan machines makes them ready for the next race—and whatever the future might bring.

Want to bring a little more success into your operation? Contact us and let us show you how Doosan can make you a winner.

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