New To Doosan Videos? Here’s Your Starter Pack.

YouTube. A magical place filled with makeup tutorials, Fortnite plays and quite possibly other things as well. Here at Doosan (on both YouTube and Vimeo), our videos focus on our machines or our customers. You can subscribe to one of our channels if you're into that sort of thing so you don't miss the latest stories.

1. Doosan Machine Greatness
This was the big Machine Greatness reveal. The video focuses on one simple question: “What are you gonna make today?” With Doosan machines, the possibilities are limitless.

2. Doosan Shop – Engineered Machining Solutions
The first of many Doosan Shop videos focused on a growing shop in Orange, California. Engineered Machining Solutions, eager to make its aerospace work even better, upgraded to Doosan and have not looked back. Now they do complex jobs most shops don’t touch.

3. Meet the NHP Series: Legendary Horizontal Machining Centers
When you welcome the NHP Series into your operation, you’ll start saying some goodbyes. To wasted time, to wasted space, to wasted money. This machine is a business changer and an unstoppable money maker.

4. Doosan Shop: Precisionmatics
Our latest Doosan Shop story focused on Precisionmatics, a West Winfield, New York facility home to 70+ people and 80+ CNCs. They never had the explicit intention of becoming a Doosan shop, but thanks to the machines’ performance and reliability, it happened naturally over time.

5. Go 5-Axis with Doosan Machine Tools
If you want to up your 5-axis game, Doosan is home to a range of machines that will let you do exactly that. Your productivity won’t ever be the same.

We are always looking for end users to feature! If you would like your company to be featured in an upcoming episode of Doosan Shop, send a quick email to

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