New PUMA VTR1012F Built Strong to Machine Huge Aerospace Parts

We’ll tell you up front that our new PUMA VTR1012F is not going to fit in your average job shop. This cat was specifically added to our lineup for the really big components like jet engines for the aerospace industry. The rigid machine structure, combined with a powerful high torque spindle, provides maximum cutting performance on tough metals, like high nickel and cobalt-based heat resistant alloys.

Long Tool Life. Fast Turnaround.

Cutting tough alloys is great. Getting high performance with longer tool life is even better. To achieve this, we’ve added a number of standard features to the PUMA VTR1012F, like a new tool clamp system on the Z-axis ram that can be fitted with a quad type tool holder. It allows 90 degree indexing to utilize 4 tools in 1 tool block. A total of 24 tool holders can be stored in the magazine. This saves time on tool changes resulting in better productivity.

An automatic tool presetter is the best way to measure and manage the large number of tools that can be stored in the PUMA VTR1012F. Our competitors usually make this an option; ours comes standard. In addition to tool setting, it monitors worn or broken tools automatically for better tool and spindle utilization. Knowing the condition of your tools means less operator intervention for insert changes as often seen on conventional turret machines with single point turning.

The Z-axis ram is supported by 8 points of guide contact so there is absolutely no deflection even at its furthest reach. It is also outfitted with a curvic coupling tool system that provides 24 tons of clamping force.

Big Workpieces. No Problem.

If you want longer tool life when running large diameter parts, you need a lot of rigidity. The PUMA VTR1012F has it in the form of a rigid box way and a fixed X-axis crossrail. A balanced wide column parked on a one-piece base casting makes this machine one of the toughest vertical turning centers in the industry. The maximum turning diameter on the table (40" with a max turning height of 29.5") makes it perfect for jet engine case components.

The main spindle, which rotates at 600 r/min powered by a 90hp motor that generates over 14,000 ft-lbs of torque, has a twin helical gear design that minimizes backlash.

EZ Operation

Yet another design feature on the PUMA VTR1012F is a moveable enclosure for the machining area that contains chips and coolant, making it easier to maintain a clean work environment.

The cover also opens to allow the loading of heavy workpieces with an overhead crane. The PUMA VTR1012F has to be large to handle the big jobs. But it has been designed so efficiently that there is not a bit of waste in its footprint, not even with the automatic tool magazine.

Finally, an ergonomic controller pendent allows the user to easily adjust the position of the control making part setup safer and more efficient.

Let’s face it. A machine tool like the PUMA VTR1012F is a game changer. If you’d like more information on how it can be an asset to your shop, contact us and get all the details in person. Just make sure you have a BIG loading dock.

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