Lynx 2100: Best Selling Compact Turning Center Gets Even Better

With nearly 30,000 sold worldwide, the Lynx is the most popular compact, high-productivity linear turning center on the market. But our engineers are never satisfied. Based on the feedback from our customers, we set out to make the 3rd generation version even better. We kept the best (compact footprint and superior value for your dollar) and added features (bigger machining capacity and higher rigidity) that the competition just can’t match. The result was the Lynx 2100 series.

If your shop is growing and you need to upgrade to a higher tech machine tool, or if you’ve only purchase used machines because your thought new was out of reach, this could be the turning center you’ve been waiting for. Let’s take a closer look at what this improved version of an already fabulous feline can do for you.

New. Advanced.

Offering the largest work area in its class, the Lynx 2100 series includes a wider support structure for X and Z axes and tailstock traverse. For rigidity and speed, the X and Z axes are also fitted with roller-type linear guideways. The new programmable CNC tailstock and a servo-driven turret allow much faster setup and cycle times.

The way covers have been redesigned for better chip evacuation and to minimize any thermal growth. The machine also features a side/rear chip conveyor as standard. Environmentally safe grease pack lubrication has replaced way lube oil for the linear roller guideways, which keeps your coolant cleaner and reduces maintenance cost by 75%. The FANUC controls include Doosan’s Easy Operation Package that makes daily tasks on your machine a breeze. The axis tool number display helps with setup and is great for operators who typically run a number of small production jobs throughout the day.

All these 3rd generation improvements are packed into the same footprint as earlier versions, so the Lynx 2100 still fits into tight places in your shop.

Power. Speed.

A powerful 20 hp main spindle motor provides ample power for all of your required turning operations. Precision turning is effortless with spindle speeds of up to 6,000 r/min and chuck sizes ranging from 6” to 10". The sub-spindle function, also 6,000 r/min, enables back-end machining of the workpiece. Full C-axis 0.001-degree control is included to optimize the capabilities of the machine.

There not enough room in this post to go into all the variations in the Lynx Series. Here are highlights of 2 of our most popular configurations.


The Lynx 2100M offers the convenience, accuracy, and productivity that one setup machining provides. It is fitted with Doosan’s BMT 45P 12-station turret to provide superior performance for milling operations. The turret uses an air/oil cooling system to minimize negative thermal effects.

According to Shane Richards, Doosan’s Deputy General Manger. “It’s a robust, compact package of power ideal for machining valves, shafts, gears, flanges, housings, bolts, and other metal parts up to a maximum turning diameter of 350 mm (13.8 in.) and length of 550 mm (21.7 in.).”

Third Axis. New Possibilities.

Our most popular model is the Lynx 2100LSYB with an 8” chuck, a sub spindle and a Y-axis. This version comes with a standard interface for a bar feeder, a parts catcher and a Renishaw tool setter for faster in-machine setup. You can save production time, reduce labor, and get finished parts with high accuracy because off-center grooving, milling, tapping, and drilling are possible in one machine. Productivity gains of up to 25% are easily attained.

The newly-designed Lynx 2100 horizontal turning centers are compact in size and huge in productivity. Don’t be fooled by the small stature. They can do big things for your shop. If you’d like more information, contact Doosan and get all the details.

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