Double Down on Production with These Twin Spindle PUMA Lathes

Yes, you are seeing double. The PUMA TT1300SYY (5” or 6” chuck) and PUMA TT2100SYY (8” or 10” chuck) are twin spindle, twin turret, dual Y-axis horizontal turning centers that allow you to increase productivity by streamlining the process. They are perfect for operations from large diversified industrial and automotive markets down to the general job shop that wants to move up from their single spindle/turret machine.

More Power. More Tools. Same Space.

With dual everything, these two entries in our PUMA lineup give you flexibility limited only by your imagination. The turning centers are equipped with up to 35 horsepower right and left spindles with rotation of up to 6,000 r/min and maximum torque of 165 ft-lbs.

Their 12-station turrets with 24 positions give you 48 tools to play with, not to mention live tooling on both turrets for full milling capabilities. This design gives the operator maximum flexibility when setting up complex jobs, or if there is a need for redundant tools for tool life management.

The dual Y-axis on the upper and lower turrets gives you the ability to machine off spindle center and process the part in parallel with each turret.

All this value comes without additional bulk. Both machines fit in the same footprint as a single turret machine, which means you can dramatically increase throughput without tearing out a wall.

These models also feature additional thermal compensation zones (2 more) than our older versions and have moved from passive to active design. More zones being monitored means tighter accuracy in longer production runs.

Cycle Start. Crank All Night.

The PUMA TT1300SYY and PUMA TT2100SYY each come complete with a Tool Holder Package, which includes 6 live tool holders (3 for each turret) and 9 static tool holders for each turret. All you have to do is add your own inserts and drills and you’re in business.

The standard Automation Package contains a parts catcher on the left main spindle and a parts unloader with conveyor system on the right sub spindle. These light automation features are perfect for bar-fed turning work, enabling continuous operation right out of the box.

Miss the Swiss

If you’ve been considering the purchase of a Swiss-style turning machine to get into production runs of small (6” and under) round parts, the PUMA TT1300SYY might be a cost-effective alternative. Swiss-style machines demand super-high production runs. Changeover time on a Swiss to setup for a different part typically takes much longer as well. The PUMA alternative reduces changeovers and allows you to make smaller lot runs cost-effectively. Plus, with the flexibility of the 24 position individual turrets, you have much more capability.

Mind the GAP

As baby boomers retire, shops need to figure out how to generate the same amount of output with fewer workers. Pick up the slack with a more productive machine. Both of these PUMAs allow you to machine complete parts with fewer setups and less operator intervention.

We know we gave you a lot to think about. If you’d like more details or have a question, contact us and let’s talk it over face to face.

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