Doosan Shows Its Heart of Blue and Wows Record Crowds at DIMF 2019

Changwon, South Korea was the center of the machine tool universe on May 15 – 17 as a record number of visitors from 50 countries descended on Doosan’s Headquartersfor the 2019 edition of the Doosan International Machine Tool Fair (DIMF). We kind of went overboard for this year’s event, displaying 80 machines, including 38 new and upgraded models. Attendees were like kids in a candy store, moving from one amazing demonstration to the next. You could tell from the beaming faces (and yes, a little drooling) that, whatever their application needs and challenges, the right Doosan for the job was front and center in full operational glory.

A Full Range of Products on Display

Doosan has so many offerings that it’s difficult to bring them all to the public. That’s why every two years we bring the public to the machines.This year’s event was unique in that it was a showcase for the complete range of Doosan products. Visitors got to see a large number of our machine tools, of course, but also a variety of progressive offerings that can help them build compete manufacturing systems. These included robotics, automation technologies, pallet systems, tower RPS systems, controls, software and much more. Our thinking is that any machining application, from tiny bearings to one-off massive prototypes for the aerospace industry, can benefit from more Doosan.

Welcome to Our Home

The factory tour is always the highlight of DIMF. Our guests visited our Namsan and Seongju plants where they could wander though four different zones: The Automation and Smart Zone, the Multi-Tasking Zone, The New Solution Zone, and the 5-Axis & Large Zone. Each zone was filled with visitors eager to see the latest and greatest Doosan equipment.

Star Power

We think all of our machines are baller (translation: cool) But at DIMF, there are always a couple of standouts. The super multi-tasking PUMA SMX5100 generated a lot of buzz this year, as the market has been anticipating it for quite a while. The SMX5100L has a rotating B-axis milling spindle that operates at 10,000 r/min, a maximum machining diameter of 33.46” and machining length of 118.11” with a chuck size of 15-21 inches. No wonder machinists were mesmerized.

But for sheer, jaw-dropping amazement and admiration, the real showstopper had to be the HFP1540, our new 30,000 r/min five-axis horizontal profiler for aluminum aerospace structures. This is one monster machine. It impressed everyone who saw it for its muscle, speed and size.

The Best of the Rest

We can’t possibly referenceall the machinesthat were on the floorfor this event. (Did we mention we had 80 machines there?) But, if you couldn’t attend this year, here is a quick run downof some of our DIMF lineup.


DVF 5000 + AWC

The compact DVF 5000 features a 19.7” diameter built-in rotary table and a 60-tool servo-driven automatic tool changer. The configuration shown at DIMF included the optional/ retrofittable AWC (Auto Workpiece Changer) for lights-out 5-axis productivity.

DVF 6500 + LPS

The DVF 6500 is equipped with a ø24.8 rotary table with a 40 taper 12,000 or 18,000 r/min spindle. A turning function is built into the rotary table for added productivity when additional features are required on the part. This machine was equipped with an optional Linear Pallet System for DIMF.

DVF 8000

The DVF 8000 is a larger 5-axis machining center that incorporates many of the features of the DVF 6500, but has a larger (31.5” diameter) rotary table which can support a maximum weight of 3,086 lbs. A turning function is also built into the rotary table for this model which allows it to spin at 600 r/min.



The new generation PUMA TT1300SYY is a twin spindle, dual Y-axis turning center. A 12-station turret with 24 positions accommodates BMT tooling and rotates at 6,000 r/min. A 5- or 6-inch chuck is standard.


NHP 5000 + Tower-style RPS

The 500mm pallet NHP 5000 comes standard with a CAT 40 15,000 r/min spindle. The model shown at DIMF featured the new optional multi-level RPS (Rotary Pallet System) which has a 22-pallet capacity.



Backed by the one of the largest work envelopes in its class and BMT tooling, the PUMA 700LM has a maximum turning diameter of 35.4” and turning length of 126”. The version shown at DIMF incorporated an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) for enhanced productivity.


The machines shown at DIMF featured a variety of control systems, including Doosan’s CUFOS (Customized User-friendly Flexible Operating System). With this PC-based control, you can maximize your machines’ efficiency and harness open CNC architecture, conveniently operating all of your manufacturing processes, from setup to machining to maintenance.

Time to turn the page on DIMF 2019. If you couldn’t make it, we missed you. Mark your calendar’s now for the next event. DIMF 2021 will be here before you know it. And don’t forget, you can always contact us for more information on the products shown at DIMF or any of our machines and accessories.

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