Doosan Parts Inventory Second to None

Because a part was broken, the machine was down. Because the machine was down, the order was late. Because the order was late, the customer was lost. Because the customer was lost, profits were down. All because of broken parts.

It’s remarkable what can happen as a result of one broken or worn out part. But if you have a machine tool partner that actively works to prevent that downtime, you are ahead of the game. And if you have Doosan machines, you’re taken care of—no matter how old your machine might be.

Huge Inventory Assures Fast Delivery

When it comes to stocking parts, we do things a little different from the other guys. While a 3-month stock level may be good enough for them, we maintain a 6-month supply of parts.

If you get an order in to us by 5:30pm (Eastern Time) a replacement part can be on its way the same day. More than 200 parts are shipped daily from our warehouse in Pine Brook, NJ. Around 92% of those are for same-day shipment. Another 4% are shipped same-day from our headquarters in South Korea. That’s 96% globally. By the way, we’re always working to get that number to 100%. Take that, downtime.

As the workday ends in the USA, headquarters is going to work. We place a call to South Korea every day at 6pm for parts that are out of stock in New Jersey. We confirm availability of those components, and they have them prepped for shipment by noon (Korean Time).

In 2018, we shipped over 10,000 parts out to customers. To keep a full stock, we re-order zero inventory and back-ordered parts daily for air delivery from headquarters.

Every Part for Every Machine

Spindles are the heart of a CNC machine, and we are approaching 100% spindle stock for our current lineup. We even have a spindle rebuild center at our New Jersey facility to keep your operations moving.

What if you are one of our loyal customers who bought a Doosan machine way back when we opened the doors in 1980? Don’t worry. Your investment is safe. Even if you took delivery almost 40 years ago, your part is in our inventory. Every machine ever sold in the United States is still supported. We just won’t allow a Doosan to ever become obsolete.

The Right Part in Every Shipment

Fast doesn’t help if you don’t get the right part. Our parts ordering system is integrated with engineering documentation to ensure the correct component is shipped. And if a part for your model Doosan has been upgraded, you’ll receive the latest version automatically.

Always Ready. Seldom Needed.

We carry over $46 million in parts inventory on our books. That’s 25,720 different line items. The funny thing is, our machines are designed and built so well, they are hardly ever needed. So, why do we go to all the trouble and expense to stockpile so many parts?

It all boils down to customer service. We refuse to let you suffer downtime a minute more than necessary. That’s not going to change no matter how old your equipment is.

So, whether you have one Daewoo from the 1980s or a new fleet of chip-making Doosans that run 24/7, rest assured we carry the parts to keep them in good operating condition for a long time to come.

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