Doosan and Sandvik Coromant: The Power of Partnership

New machine tool investments are serious purchases, and manufacturers work hard to make sure their purchase bears good fruit, both in the short term and the long term. To that end, Doosan and Sandvik Coromant team up—in multiple ways—to see that those new machines are tooled up right from the start. As a result, the shops that utilize the Doosan/Sandvik Coromant relationship reach exciting new levels of productivity and faster payoff times.

How it Works

The partnership between Doosan and Sandvik Coromant is a collaboration that goes as far as machine design, upgrades and integration. For example, Sandvik Coromant’s Coromant Capto® tooling system is used on PUMA MX/SMX B-axis milling spindles and is also featured on the new automatic tool changer found on the PUMA V8300 and the PUMA 700 turning centers.

Chad Harrington, strategic account manager at Sandvik Coromant, has a favorite Doosan machine: the MX/SMX multi-tasking series. Having a turning center with milling capability allows users to make a variety of parts in one setup with remarkable accuracy. It’s a complex machine designed to machine in up to 9 axes, but Harrington welcomes the challenge in processing parts on these machines.

“As far as day to day involvement with Doosan, there is no such thing as an average day since each one is filled with surprises,” Harrington said. Right now, he is working on quoting a job for an automotive client. It starts with a print of the part to be machined (provided by Doosan), along with the machine selection. “It’s my job to say, ‘Yes, we can do that, and this is how,’ or ‘no, we can’t do that, but we can do this instead.’”

Harrington reviews cycle time studies done by Doosan’s application engineers so he can offer the right Sandvik Coromant solutions for the application. He has access to teams of Sandvik Coromant engineers that specialize in many different applications, including gear milling, automotive and aerospace.

Gearing Up

Power skiving and InvoMilling™ are two processes that Sandvik Coromant and Doosan have collaborated on for the machining of gear components. Power skiving is a continuous cutting process that enables all machining to be carried out in a single setup, producing a gear in a much shorter time than many other techniques.

With the patented InvoMilling process, it is possible to use the same cutters for different gear profiles. By changing the CNC program instead of the tool, the time from receiving an order for a component and delivering it can be greatly reduced. With the right machine tool, complete components can be machined in one set-up.

Our PUMA MX/SMX multitasking machines can handle these specialized processes thanks to their rigid construction, fundamental design structure and controller software designed to handle these processes. For example, we can deliver the careful synchronization required between two spindles to make power skiving possible.

Tool/Turning Center Matchups

Prime Turning™ is not just a new tool; it is a totally new way of turning. Sandvik Coromant’s Prime Turning™ inserts enable turning in all directions, allowing the customer to apply higher feeds and speeds to the program, delivering a 50% increase in productivity or higher compared to conventional turning solutions.

Sandvik Coromant’s CoroCut® QD parting-off tools for horizontal turning centers are perfect for our lathes that are equipped with Y axes. This completely new way of parting off gives higher stability and less vibration which allows for much higher feed rates compared to the conventional method.

Strategic Benefits

The relationship between Sandvik Coromant and Doosan is indeed a true collaboration. We work together when it comes to designing new machines or improving older ones, creating different approaches to customer specific turnkey operations. Combining the experience of two industry leaders like Doosan and Sandvik Coromant pretty much guarantees any machining problem you may have will be short-lived.

Manufacturing, much like any other field, is backed by a universal truth: If you bring in outside experts, your work will improve. That’s why it’s such a wise move to work with companies like Doosan and Sandvik Coromant that have those close partnerships. Collaboration leads to innovation, and as a result, your business will have no choice but to grow.

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