Do More With Your Doosan: The Importance of CNC Post-Processing

One of the driving forces behind our R&D programs, including the investment in CNC post-processing, is the desire to make your production process faster, more efficient and easier.Here’s a situation you may be familiar with.

Have you ever wondered why your tool paths look great in your CAM system, but you continually get error messages (or worse, suffer a collision) when you hit the cycle start button on your 5-axis milling machine? As with many issues in life, it stems from a breakdown in communication. That’s where CNC post-processing comes in to create a seamless manufacturing process from CAM to finished product.

Specific, Not Generic
In 5-axis production systems, the only thing between your CAM systems and the machine tools is a post-processor. However, most post-processors don’t account for the complex, non-linear motion unique to each and every machine. This leads to unpredictable tool motion and large variations in cutting conditions, leaving poor and inconsistent surface finish, gouging, increased tool wear and inaccurate results. CAMplete — our Canada-based partner in post-processing and G-code verification software—works directly with Doosan’s engineering teams to fully understand all the ins and outs of each of our milling models and ensure complete accuracy and functionality. Each exact Doosan milling machine model is within TruePath in order to ensure accuracy.

CAMplete TruePath works with all popular CAM systems. It provides everything needed to analyze, verify and simulate 5-axis tool paths in a 3D environment. Using CAMplete’s simulation, verification and post-processing software saves users time and money when running Doosan machines.

Simulation and Verification
CNC post-processing software provides sophisticated tools for simulating and verifying your tool paths. With CAMplete TruePath, real-time simulation shows how your programs will run in the real world. You can identify problem areas and correct them before you ever send the program to the machine. Simulating the true machine path allows you to isolate 5-axis deviation errors and take the guesswork out of your process. Full 5-axis simulation of your machines’ cycles and tool changes means that nothing is missed.

The system simulates material removal to ensure the safety and efficiency of every line of code you run. Machine collision detection is based on our 3D CAD models to ensure accuracy. With minimal effort,the software can extractyour fixture and finished part geometry as well. And because CAMplete works closely with Doosan, many popular add-ons can easily be used with your model for even greater accuracy

Post-Processing Power
With CAMplete TruePath, you can easily create and edit unlimited custom G-Code formats and apply them to any project. Standard formats developed in conjunction with Doosan are supplied so you can get started right away.

It’s easy to switch between different CAM Systems and CNC controllers or combine tool paths from different CAM systems in a single project. Just select your milling machine and NC Format; all your G-Code is output in a consistent unified format, regardless of how you started.

TruePath supports Doosan’s entire milling line, including 3-, 4- and 5-axis machines (and all the variations in between). Because of the software's built-in library of Doosan machines, you can send a job to another Doosan machine if your original choice is needed for a different project.Even if the kinematics of Doosan machine “A” are different than Doosan machine “B”, the software is sure to output the right code to cut that part efficiently.

For example, you could take a path running on a VMC with a 4th axis table and a FANUC controller and move it to a 5-axis VMC/HMC with a different brand of CNC controller.

In addition, using the sophisticated tool path editor, you can modify the posted or unposted tool path data. Regardless of what edit was made, all data is kept synchronized.

The Results
Thanks to the partnership between Doosan and CAMplete, you can focus on making and shipping quality parts, not troubleshooting software. Whatever CAM system you work with, CAMplete TruePathcan extract the required data for seamless translation to Doosan machines. You have complete control over your machine behavior and get the exact output you require. Any overtravel errors, collisions and more all are caught virtually before you start your machine, so you can push it to the limit on part number one.

If the combination of CNC post-processing, G-code verification and Doosan’s unbeatable machine lineup sounds good to you, contact us for detailed information for your 5-axis setup. And stay tuned for more examples of how you can Do More with Your Doosan.

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