Do More With Your Doosan: Renishaw Probing and Toolsetting

8 years ago ago, a deep working relationship between Renishaw and Doosan began. The goal was simple: go beyond offering off-the-shelf Renishaw products on Doosan machines and shift the focus: 1) Promote in-machine spindle probing and tool setting functions, and 2) provide the right Renishaw product for the right Doosan machine and its application.

Today, Doosan machines provide Renishaw receivers as standard on most mills, and they also have Renishaw software for probing and tool setting built in. This is roughly equivalent to someone needing to add security to a building and discovering the wiring is already in the walls, monitors are already installed and the feed to 911 is set. It’s an immediate time and money saver.

Tool Setters

We offer Renishaw tool setters (both touch-type and non-contact) on our machines. This makes functions like in-machine automatic tool setting, the checking of broken tools and monitoring tool wear during a process a breeze.

Spindle Probe

Our offering for spindle probes is also in two categories, and it all depends on your required accuracy of the work you need to probe. Doosan machines are equipped with either Optical or Radio receivers and can use Renishaw’s highly accurate spindle probing systems. This lets you set up and gauge a part while it's in the machine and grab certain coordinates and positions. Plus, it can also log potential problems like thermal growth, part distortion and tool deflection.

The Doosan Offering

In a nutshell, half the hardware is already equipped on some Doosan machines, including:

Probe-ready milling machines

  • The DNM Series vertical machining centers
  • NHP 4000 horizontal machining center

Turning machines with toolsetters

  • The Lynx Series horizontal turning centers
  • PUMA SMX2600ST multifunction turnmill center

Every Renishaw probe and tool setter requires an OMI or RMI receiver that is mounted near the machine’s work envelope, and on Doosan machines, this receiver (pre-wired into the electrical cabinet) communicates optically, or thru radio waves with the probe or tool setter that’s already there. A big perk of having Renishaw: if you have both a tool setter and a spindle probe, you don't need two receivers. One receiver can operate multiple devices.

And if you have a 5-axis machine, here’s something you’ll like hearing: 5-axis Doosan machines are equipped with IKC, which is Doosan’s own calibration software. This calibration (specifically made for multi-axis machines with rotary tables) keeps pivot point errors in check and can automatically set offsets in multiple planes and checks on the accuracy of each axis. On top of that, Renishaw sphere artifact hardware is optional on our 5-axis machines.

Prepare for Instant Productivity Jumps

In addition to picking the right Renishaw equipment for the right machine, Doosan and Renishaw worked hand in hand to speed up the cycle. Inspection speeds are optimized and accurate measurements are maintained. As a result, some probing cycles run 60% faster than normal.

Want to know more about our pre-wired machines? Talk to your Doosan distributor today.

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