Do More With Your Doosan: Harness the Power of BIG-PLUS® Spindles

Do you machine hard metals for the medical, die mold or aerospace industries? If so, you’re going to want to read on. This article has your name on it.

If you work in any of those industries, you’re probably dealing with harder metals like stainless steel, Inconel and titanium on a daily basis. And if that’s the case, you absolutely need something that can give you the reliable heavy cuts you require. Which is precisely why we chose the dual-contact power of BIG-PLUS® spindles.

Every Doosan Machining Center Gets BIG-PLUS
Whether horizontal or vertical, BIG-PLUS is standard in all of our machining centers. We know our customers value rigidity, which is why dual-contact spindles are not merely an option here. They’re a requirement.

Conventional steep taper tool holders, like a CAT40, are only supported by a single contact. But a BIG-PLUS spindle system features “dual contact” of both the taper and flange face after opening. With these two contacts, you get superior rigidity, reduced runout at high speeds, better surface finishes, and longer cutting-tool life.

Make no mistake: CAT40 and CAT50 standard tool holders work well in many applications. But for the work that requires more muscle and speed, dual-contact matters.

Incredible Versatility
If BIG-PLUS spindles handle hard metals with ease, what happens when you give them softer materials to work with? If your response was, “hogged out,” or “like butter” then congratulations. You’re obviously a machinist.

So, as you browse our range of machining centers, remember that BIG-PLUS comes standard in each one. It’s one more reason Doosan Machine Tools helps you machine exactly the way you drew it up.

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