Recap: Machine Greatness on Display at SIMTOS 2018

SIMTOS 2018 is a wrap! This year, Doosan brought over 30 machines to the event and showcased cutting both real and dry. The DHF 8000, our 800mm, twin-pallet 5-axis horizontal machining center, planted its big, beautiful self in the center of the Doosan booth.

It was a fitting centerpiece considering the fact that 5-axis machines were the star of the SIMTOS show. Throughout the event, word on the street was that the Doosan booth was the busiest one in the hall. Music to our ears.

The 3 Key Industries and Machine Greatness
It will come as no surprise that aerospace and automotive had a big presence at the Doosan booth this year. But something not all Americans know is that the panel business is huge in Korea. Panels (think flat-screen TVs) were the third industry of focus this year. Other industries of focus were construction, medical and industrial.

And everywhere you looked at the Doosan booth, Machine Greatness was on display. Our new brand promise is simultaneously a pledge (Doosan makes great machines) and a challenge to end-users (go out and machine something great).

Trend to keep an eye on
It’s no secret that the U.S. is in the midst of a serious skilled labor shortage in manufacturing. Companies countrywide are looking to automation to bridge the gap and stay productive, and linear pallet systems are a great way to team machining centers with lights out automation.

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