Doosan’s PUMA V8300 VTC: A Cat with Class

Here’s a fun fact to try on your friends. The cougar (P. concolor for you science types) holds the Guinness record for the animal with the greatest number of names, with over 40 in English alone.It’s also commonly known here is the U.S. as the mountain lion, panther or catamount. As you might have guessed, our favorite name for this fearsome feline is Puma. In fact, we like it so much we named a whole series of machines for this big North American wild cat.

Today, we’re going to focus on a particular member of the species, the Doosan PUMA V8300 Vertical Turning Center.


The PUMA V8300 VTC can be found in machine shops throughout North America. It can usually be seen working together with others of its kind in large automotive and aerospace operations, but also works perfectly in small groups or even as solitary units.

Size and Power

Like the cougar, the PUMA V8300 is not the biggest cat in the jungle, but it has more bulk than its smaller cousins like the V400. Its wider machining area is purrfect for larger/more diverse workpieces. It has a hefty maximum turning diameter of 32.7 inch (830 mm) and accepts a range of chucks from 15" up to 24". The largest capacity of its class enhances productivity and profitability. The spindle motor provides 50 Hp(37 kW) of power, 1912.9 ft lbs (2592 N.m) of torque and has a maximum rotating speed of 2,000 r/min. With power like this, it can chow down on bigger workpieces and cut them down to size in no time. Left- or right-hand versions are available to suit diverse requirements of different habitats.

The Speed to Succeed

The PUMA V8300 Series offers the ability to cut large diameter workpieces and complete milling, drilling and tapping operations in a single setup. Another speed feature is the servo-driven turret which shortens mechanical response for high speed indexing and reduces mechanical error for high reliability and accuracy.The turret has 12 stations and an optional milling turret that has a three-piece curved coupling clamp with cross roller way support.

Non-cutting times have been reduced with features such as increased axis speed and acceleration/deceleration rates, which improve production cycle times and optimize productivity.


The mountain lion’s range is so large because it’s an expert at adjusting to changing climate, terrain and available food resources. Our mechanical feline is offered with an optional 12-tool ATC that makes it flexible on the fly without a lot of stopping and starting. You can load it up in the morning and be prepared for whatever the day throws at you. For example, small runs that require a variety of different tools, or components that require that one special tool to complete. You can even fill it with sharp-edged spares for workpieces that wear tools down fast. You can run all day without manually changing tools.

Stealth Mode

A high clamp contact structure between the main spindle motor and base frame means less vibration and noise for quieter running and enhanced reliability. It even can take a “catnap” with the power saving function that saves energy during non-working periods.

Survival of the Fittest

Other features that make the PUMA V8300 the alpha machine on the hill is the slant-type base and improved flushing function that allows for enhanced chip disposal. Ergonomic OP panel design with adjustable height makes operation a piece of cake.

If trying to get your orders out the door is a lot like herding cats, you may want to consider adding the PUMA V8300 to your menagerie. Give your local Doosan distributor a call. It will really sweeten the kitty.

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