Doosan Scores Again with the Mynx Series of VMCs

Putting together the perfect lineup is an important part of any professional football team’s quest for the Vince Lombardi trophy. It’s now mid-season, and coaches are finding out how the depth charts they worked on all summer are holding up on the field.

Here at Doosan, we have our own development program. It’s not based on college drafts, salary caps or any fantasy league stats, just solid engineering know-how and experience. We pay special attention to our “special teams” – machines that are perfectly designed for a particular assignment. For example, if your shop does a lot of heavy duty cutting, you might want to consider putting one of our Mynx vertical machining centers into the game.

A Solid Heavy Duty Player

Whatever industry is your home turf, the Mynx has unsurpassed machining capacity and productivity for a variety of production needs. These VMCs are designed and built to hold the line when they come up against tough materials such as titanium, super alloys and tool steel. Are they strong? The machine frame was specially designed with box guideways for all axes to dampen vibrations and turn out more accurate parts when high cutting forces are in play.

A Versatile Line

To handle a wider range of workpieces, it always helps to have a deep bench. That’s why the Mynx series offers a variety of spindle speeds (6,000 – 12,000 r/min), spindle tapers (CAT40 and CAT50) and an X-axis table range that starts at 40" and can go all the way up to 98.5". This makes it easy for you to put together the winning combination for your specific application.

The Mynx series spindles support direct-drivenand geared head systems. A BIG-PLUS dual contact tool system is standard. It enables simultaneous dual-contact of the tool taper and flange for enhanced rigidity and perfect gauge length control. You can easily select the spindle driving system and specifications that best match the kind of materials that flow through your shop.

Clock Management

Our Easy Operation Package (EOP) makes operations as simple as being a Monday Morning QB. This menu-driven Doosan exclusive not only helps to reduce setup time, but it simplifies common tasks and reduces the potential for errors. While we were at it, we added features that reduce operating time, protect machinery, enhance quality and speed up maintenance. The software is user friendly and very familiar to the new generation of machinists who grew up with smartphones.

Option Play

Need more tools?Whether it’s a 24-, 30- or 40-tool capacity, you can easily option your Mynx with the right ATC. Changing large diameter and heavy tools isn’t a problem, either.

If you feel like you’re in the red zone and you just need a little help getting across the line to better profitability, contact your local Doosan distributor. It’s a good call.

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