Affordable Automation: Do It with DooCell!

Been thinking about automation again, haven’t you? Admit it! You’ve seen those robots whipping around in other shops and were fascinated by how fast and efficient they were. Besides, they’re just plain cool! But, the practical side of your brain keeps busting up your little fantasy. “Automation is a pretty big step for a little setup like ours,” it says. “Be realistic.”

You Can Automate Now
How about telling your practical side to stop whining and get with the program! We offer an automation cell that is just the right size for small to medium shops. It’s called the DooCell and it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of. For a low investment cost, you can have the continuous cell operation you’ve always wanted. Just think! No more stopping to unload finished parts. Now that’s practical!

Big Value – Small Footprint
The DooCell has a modular design for rapid installation into a limited floor space. In fact, you can mix and match 1 to 3 new or existing Doosan machine(s) into different configurations for maximum flexibility.
What makes up a typical DooCell? Let’s put one together:
· 1 - 3 Doosan machines
· A drawer unit with 3 to 6 drawers
· A robot (usually a FANUC M10iA or M20iA)
· Cell integration and robot programming
· Industrial Safety Fencing including light curtains
· An HMI (human machine interface) touchscreen.
All that in a compact design that will fit in spaces smaller than you might think.

Parts Storage
Does the DooCell have parts storage? Does it ever! The sturdy drawer unit has large part storage capacity in a compact area. Each drawer can hold up to 300 lbs. of parts. Three drawers are standard, but you can get up to 6, depending on the part height. Here’s how it breaks down:
Max part height:
3 drawers = 9.625”
4 drawers = 7.00”
5 drawers = 5.50”
6 drawers = 4.50”
To accommodate parts of different diameters, the part holder locations in the drawer inserts can be stepped. The setup is configured so that parts do not touch each other before or after being machined.

Safety Plus
A light curtain prevents the operator from entering the automated side of the drawer area when the robot is opening/closing a drawer. In fact, the entire DooCell is guarded by fencing to insure worker safety. The fencing has an electronically interlocked operator access door using a Fortress lock. But do you know what speeds things up? Easy operator accessibility to the CNC controls and operator side of the drawer unit from outside the cell.

Adaptable Robot Tooling
The End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) for the robot includes 2 grippers – one for the raw part and one for the finished part. The included EOAT will be custom designed to meet your specific workholding application so you can be confident your part is securely handled by the robot. Give us a sample part and we make the EOAT to match. Switch them out without tools. A drawer puller/pusher is also standard.
Want to run a new part? We’ll work with you on retooling. Don’t worry if you run a large range of part sizes or types (slugs, shafts or barfed). We can provide quick-change Gripper fingers a Gripper Changer Stand for fast EOAT changes.

Easy Operation
Operating the DooCell is like falling off a log (without the bumps and bruises). It comes standard with a 12” (diagonally) Touch Panel. This touch panel HMI screen is attached to the fencing where it is easily accessible to the operator. It has screens that can start the robot cycle, reset robot faults, feed hold the robot, display each drawer status and display machine status. The ability to enter tool offsets from the HMI panel is also available.
The drawers opens on both sides. Load up a drawer. The robot takes unfinished parts out and places them in a drawer after machining. The operator opens the drawer and take the finished parts out. Repeat for continuous running. Easy.

If you’d like to run automated now, call your local Doosan dealer or call us direct at 973-618-2500.

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