Catch Up With Doosan: 6 Stories You Might Have Missed in 2018

With work, family, hobbies and all sorts of other things that demand time, we’d bet you weren’t able to read every featured article we published in 2018. No judgment.

Okay, maybe a little judgment.

But today is your chance to catch up. Here are six stories that illustrate what exactly 2018 was like at Doosan Machine Tools America. Click into each article and read up. You’ll definitely learn something new, and you might just come away with a machine or two for your 2019 wishlist.

1. Forward Technologies Breaks Productivity Records with the NHP 4000

This Doosan shop from Blue Ash, Ohio quickly went from a small volume job shop to a parts-producing powerhouse with the help of its Doosan fleet. When they added an NHP 4000 horizontal machining center to the mix, they were excited. But as it turns out, in the words of President Brad Meyers, “We had no idea how much of a gamechanger the NHP would be for us.”

2. 5-Axis Mania: The Doosan DVF Series of Compact Vertical Machining Centers

The DVF is a new 5-axis series that was build to handle diverse five-sided or simultaneous 5-axis applications. And as with any new product line, the exciting VMC came with questions. That’s why we wrote up a Q&A on the DVF Series and all that it can do.

3. How this Doosan Distributor Got its 35-Year-Old Machine Back

In the early 80s, J.M. Grisley—a Doosan distributor covering Utah and Colorado—sold its first Daewoo: a PUMA 10 8HC with FANUC series O-T controls. So imagine their surprise when they recently learned that Daewoo was still kicking. Soon after, Operation: Daewoo Retrieval was underway.

4. Make Mincemeat out of Massive Jobs with our Biggest Machine Tools

Scaling up in part size (aka making parts as big as a barn door) doesn’t mean you have to skimp on quality. Case in point: Doosan’s large machines. The DCM, BM, DBC and PUMA VTR1216 all cut the biggest and baddest jobs down to size.

5. One Machine. Twice the Productivity.

That’s the elevator pitch for the DMP 500/2SP. It’s a machine that was built to produce high-volume automotive parts with incredible efficiency. It does the work of two machining centers with the footprint of one.

6. Job Application: I’m a Doosan Linear Pallet System

This was a fun one to write. We promoted the automation power of the Linear Pallet System by imagining it was a person applying for a manufacturing job. If you’re curious about lights out machining and reduced labor cost, give it a read.

2018 was a year to remember at Doosan, and we can’t wait to Machine Greatness with you in 2019.

Happy a great New Year from all of us at Doosan Machine Tools America!

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