The Doosan DHF 8000 Handles Large Part Roughing to Finishing on One Machine

Pine Brook, NJ – August 21, 2017 – Doosan Machine Tools America is pleased to announce the DHF 8000, an 800mm twin pallet 5 axis horizontal machining center with a nodding head. This HMC was specifically designed for the processing of large, complex parts such as those used in the aerospace, oil field and automotive industries.

The nodding head spindle and rotary table (axis A and B) allow the DHF 8000 to handle a complete range of machining processes from roughing to finishing in a single setup. This configuration makes quick work of multi-face workpieces and the 5-axis simultaneous machining of complex shapes.

The nodding head spindle rotates through 160 degrees (up/down) and has a maximum speed of 6,000 rpm, with 960Nm (708 ft-lbs) of torque. The Y and Z axis are fitted with dual ball screws to ensure greater structural stability and accuracy, while the column is designed with high static and dynamic rigidity to provide optimum machining performance.

This scaled-up HMC can easily support workpieces weighing up to 2,000 kg (4,409 lbs.), allowing them to be machined with the same precision as their much smaller counterparts. Its large working area can readily hold parts up to 1400mm (55 in.) diameter.

Other performance and precision enhancing elements include:

•Glass scales for each axis

•Cooling systems for the spindle and ball screws

•Center through chip disposal

•An upgraded waste oil disposal system

“With its robust design, 800mm twin pallets, high-speed, built-in precision and minimum footprint, the DHF 8000 is well-suited to higher end large part applications in aerospace, oil field, automotive and other industries.” said Jim Shiner, Director of Sales and Marketing at Doosan Machine Tools America. “In addition, this outstanding performance comes at a very competitive price.”

For more information on the DHF 8000 or any other Doosan machine tool, please visit or call 973-618-2500.

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