The ABCs of MSY CNC Machining

Doosan products are a lifetime habit for many of our customers. We make it easy by offering products such as our Lynx series that can grow with you as your needs change. This comprehensive lineup can take you through the alphabet from a simple 2-axis (X, Z) lathe all the way up to full MSY (milling, second spindle, Y-axis) capabilities.

For example, we first met Joe at a trade show when he was thinking about opening his own shop. Being a smart guy, he wanted to start small and work his way up. After discussing the types of jobs he thought he would be running, we set him up with a Lynx 2-axis lathe. This was a great choice for a startup business and worked well for the simple jobs he was running while he built up a customer base.

However, Joe quickly found the two-axis turning center limited what he could accomplish in a single setup, and he spent a lot of time working on parts in secondary operations. This created lost time switching workpieces between the machines and caused issues with stacked tolerances. He was soon talking to us about an upgrade.

Milling Makes Money
We discussed several options and Joe considered a Lynx model with a milling turret and live tooling. With a Lynx with M functionality, he would be able to streamline his operations considerably. He could mill, drill and tap additional features on his lathe and hold tighter tolerances, so the quality of his pieces would improve and he could be done moving workpieces around. With a Lynx with a milling turret, he could machine more parts, but they still had to be fairly simple. So Joe considered the next step up…

Why Add Y?
While the milling option would add to Joe’s range of operations, he would still be limited because he couldn’t machine features that weren’t along the center line. He soon realized his business would move forward more quickly by purchasing a turning center with Y-axis functionality as well. The Y-axis would give him the ability to drill and tap off center, above and below in either direction. He could also machine flats, slots, pockets and other features on the workpiece. Ultimately, Joe decided on a new Lynx with a Y-axis and milling turret.

Making a Good Thing Better
With the addition of his new MY turning center, the demand for Joe’s services began to grow. He rented a larger space and hired another machinist to help out. Prospective customers began asking about his ability to turn out more complex parts with faster delivery times. It wasn’t long before he was in our office talking about moving to a Lynx with a milling turret, Y-axis and sub spindle (MSY). He said it only made sense to turn completed parts out of one machine. We told you he was smart. He bought two and kicked his business up to a whole new level.

Big Features at an Affordable Price
While Joe upgraded gradually, a lot of our customers have found that it’s not such a big jump to an affordable Lynx model that not only has milling capabilities, but a sub-spindle and Y axis (MSY) as well. The difference in time savings and quality will really help your business grow. Just ask Joe.

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