How to Tell Dad You’re Getting an HMC

So! You’ve decided you want to spring for a horizontal machining center. Excellent choice. One HMC can do the work of three VMCs, and the speed and reliability of Doosan means you’re getting an absolutely insane total cost of ownership.

There’s just one obstacle, but it’s a big one. He goes by Dad.

This industry has a ton of family businesses that have been around for decades, and Dad often calls the shots. He takes great pride in the successful business he’s built thanks to countless hours and drops of sweat. Selling him on going horizontal is not an easy task.

So we’d like to help. We’ve had these conversations many times, and we’ve learned some things. Now we proudly present our in-depth guide, “How To Tell Dad You’re Getting An HMC.”

“I built this place from the ground up while you were in diapers.”
It’s true. He did.

But you also have an advantage. Because you’re younger and don’t have as much history with the company, you’re better able to step back and see the big picture. And when you do that, what does this industry currently value?

Now more than ever, the answer is productivity. Your bottom line depends on it. But the same time, your employees demand good quality of life and a solid work/life balance. How do you stay productive and retain happy employees? The relentless (and automated) production of a horizontal machining center helps you do it.

“We don’t have the budget for an HMC.”
A strong argument, but a short-term one. The long-term argument—and the one that’s best for the success of your business—focuses on the huge jump in productivity that occurs when you switch to horizontal.

• Machine utilization rates in Doosan HMCs are much higher. The built-in pallet changer allows the setup of work while the spindle continues to do its thing. In all, you get three to five times the spindle utilization rates of VMCs.
• Because HMCs run lights out with no operator present, the payback period arrives much quicker than it does with other machines. It’s like seeing a pile of cash when you get to work every morning.
• The improved chip evacuation means you’re not constantly re-cutting chips. And THAT means you save on cutting tool costs.

“The learning curve is too steep.”
There is indeed a bit of an HMC knowledge curve, but it’s not as steep as Dad thinks. Programs are easy to transfer from your VMCs, and Doosan, FANUC and the CAM provider will help you get up to speed quickly. Plus, you’ll be able to use your existing tooling, and any other new tooling costs will be offset by efficiency gains and savings on cutting tool costs.

Make no mistake: Going horizontal for the first time is a change, and change can be scary. The hesitation you have when considering a switch to horizontal is understandable, but at the same time, that hesitation might inhibit healthy company growth. You should never make decisions just because it’s the way you’ve always done them.

On that note…

“Look. You’ve made some good points, and I’ll think about it. But this is the way we’ve always done it.”
And here we are. “This is the way we’ve always done it.” The classic “End of discussion” argument.

It’s important now for you to tell your dad how grateful you are for him. How he worked his tail off for his family. Taught you what integrity and work ethic look like. And today, all that character and critical thinking he taught you has made you realize it’s time for an HMC. They can be automated for lights out machining. You’ll turn the lights on in the morning and finished product is ready. It sends chips flying and makes money while you sleep.

Going horizontal is a surefire way to bolster your speed and productivity, and choosing Doosan is the best choice you can make. We’ll gladly put our machines up against anybody on the market. We’re betting we’ll out-produce them, and we’ll put a machine on your floor to prove it.

Click here to browse the Doosan lineup of horizontal machining centers. And let us know how the chat with Dad goes. We’re betting he might be more open to the idea than you think.

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