How To Hard-Wire Machining Centers For Profit

How often do you think about reducing job setup time in your shop? Only 24/7, right?

What about saving time and improving part quality by using part probing and tool set probing? Touch probes on machining centers can identify and help set up parts, measure features in cycle for adaptive machining, and verify finished component dimensions. Sounds great, but the downsides are that it’s expensive, hard to learn, and getting started is a drawn-out process.

Not so fast. Doosan machining centers are designed to remove those obstacles, make your cost-cutting dreams a reality and hard-wire your machining centers for profit.

Pre-wired with Renishaw
First, all our machining centers come pre-wired for Renishaw spindle and tool setting probes. We even pre-loaded Renishaw’s graphical user interfaces (GUI) into our easy operations panel (EOP) software. The GUI is user-friendly and designed to eliminate the difficulties associated with traditional machine tool programming. These built-in probing cycles simplify the learning process and allow you to begin using these little time savers right off the bat.

You will immediately reduce machine downtime, eliminate manual setting errors, reduce scrap and increase productivity. And of course, each setup can be customized based on your specific application.

Talk to Doosan!
Talk to your Doosan dealer to learn more. It will be time well spent.

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