High Torque Spindle Tames Tough Aerospace Alloys

If you want to dive into the growing aerospace market, or if you’re having a tough time hitting your profit margins for the segment, we’ve got good news. A unique 8,000-RPM high torque direct drive spindle now comes as standard equipment on our DNM 4500 and 5700 models. That is a pure value-add to our already outstanding DNM line!

This workhorse has the muscle to offer 211 ft-lbs of rotational force from 0-500 RPM, which is the sweet spot for many hard-to-machine materials. Can you hit the optimal range by using gearboxes? Sure, but do you really want to? Who needs all the vibration, heat and constant maintenance that comes with them? With our small footprint VMC, you can have amazing results without all that hassle.

Talk to Doosan today.
If you want your aerospace business to take off, talk to your Doosan dealer about our unique 8,000-RPM direct drive high torque spindle.

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