Grotrian Tool & Die: “Doosan Is The Smartest Purchase We’ve Ever Made”

Grotrian Tool & Die, a small shop in Ligonier, Indiana with four CNC machines, produces fork truck parts with most job runs in the 1 to 25 range. Changeovers are constant, and they needed a machine that got them up and running fast. The Lynx 2100L—Grotrian’s first Doosan machine—fit like a glove

So why become a Doosan Shop over the quality offerings from Haas, DMG Mori and Hurco? Anthony Grotrian needed a machine with more power, torque and speed. He also placed immense value in service and support, and he saw firsthand that Doosan and Ellison Technologies could not be beat. “Before we bought our Lynx, the Ellison team came in, showed us cycle time studies, and immediately cut our cycle time in half compared to our current equipment.”

“The performance we’ve gotten has been exceptional,” stated Grotrian. Since installing the machine in 2016, his shop has seen:

•Cycle times cut in half compared to their other machines
•Ease in maintaining the tight tolerances that their customers demand
•Sandvik 2” drills pushed through tool steel with no problem
•With the right tooling, surface finishes that approach grinder-level finishes

Grotrian says Doosan and Ellison were never pushy during the buying process. They just showed the data and what Doosan machines can do. Today, GT&D has leveled up their productivity thanks to the 2100L. Said Grotrian, “Buying the Lynx was one of the smartest decisions we’ve made.”

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