Doosan Guy: Balazs Ormai, President at Engineered Machining Solutions

The first thing Balazs Ormai remembers machining is simple aluminum computer housing components done on Bridgeport knee mills. He’s come a long way since then. Balazs co-founded Engineered Machining Solutions, a manufacturer of precision aerospace components, with David Szabo. He currently serves as EMS’s president. In a beautiful piece of music to our ears, EMS recently switched to Doosan Machine Tools to bolster machine tool reliability. More on that in a bit. First, we wanted to get to know Balazs. As a proud Doosan Guy who runs a successful Doosan Shop, we were curious to find out what makes him tick.

A dedicated machinist with an incurable Porsche addiction

Balazs broke into the industry by working for his uncle, where he produced the aforementioned computer housing structures. He believes strongly that no matter the industry you’re in, dedication and hard work will get you to where you want to go. And speaking of dedication, Balazs spends his free time on his Porsches. Plural. He loves to work on them and race them, and he currently owns two 85% restored 911s: A signal yellow 1972 and a black 1976. Here are the Google results for “yellow 1972 porsche 911.” Try not to get too much drool on your keyboard.

How Engineered Machining Solutions became a Doosan Shop

The first Doosan to set up shop at EMS was the MV-4020 vertical machining center. Balazs’s personal favorite Doosan is the DNM 350 5AX, which allows EMS to make more complex parts in a single setup. Plus, five axes are 66.7% more exciting than three axes. Simple math. When we asked Balazs the greatest thing Doosan has accomplished for EMS, he said, “Doosan machines have taken our company to the next level. They have given us higher-end capabilities and we can make more complex, higher quality parts.” If you’re aching for your company to make the leap to the next level, Doosan helps you get there. Get in touch with your trusted local distributor to learn how you can machine greatness in your shop.

Bonus content: The Balazs Ormai lightning round

After we interviewed him and snapped his photo, we asked Balazs a series of questions and told him to answer without thinking. Here are his responses:

  • First car 1991 Acura Integra
  • Dream car Porsche 918
  • Automatic or manual? Manual
  • Movie you’ve seen more than any others Star Wars
  • Best food in the Orange, CA area Tulsa Rib Company (dynamite BBQ, apparently)
  • Drink of choice Dirty martini with gin
  • Drink you’ll never touch again Anything with vodka
  • You have 3 wide-open hours on a Saturday. How do you spend it? Working on my 911s, obviously

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