Catch Up On the Top 5 Doosan Articles of 2017

Life moves fast. You get busy in a hurry. What we’re saying is, you may not have had time to read every Doosan blog article. We understand.

But an underrated part about the holidays is that things can slow down a bit. You have time to reflect and catch up on what you missed. And that includes what we wrote. We keep our blog updated to show you what our customers are up to with their Doosan machines, promote new machines that might be a great fit in your shop, and every once in a while, give you a chuckle or two.

There were a lot of new articles in 2017. If you need a place to start, here you go: These are the top 5 Doosan blog articles this year.

5. Why Renegade Wheels Rides with Doosan
Once upon a time, Chuck Frederick bought a Harley and designed custom wheels for it. They were so cool that people stopped him on the street and asked him where they came from. He took the hint and formed Renegade Wheels. 14 years later, they spin head-turning rims with the help of Doosan machines.

Lights out machining. Read the full article here.

4. How To Tell Dad You’re Getting An HMC
Even if you’re all in on purchasing a brand new, game changing horizontal machining center, there is often one more hurdle to jump. He goes by Dad, and he says things like “This is the way we’ve always done it.”

Here are some tips when you have to have The Talk with him. Read the full article here.

3. PUMA MX Series Gives Joe Gibbs Racing Better Draglinks
For years, the steering draglink for Joe Gibbs Racing stock cars were made of three separate parts welded together. Total cost per part? $2,786.

But when they used the PUMA MX Series to machine the part out of a single piece of aluminum, the draglinks dropped to $1,669 per part.

One piece, one pass. Read the full article here.

2. Linear or Box Guide Way Systems? Here’s Our Answer.
What do you value most of all in your machines: rigidity or speed? Your answer determines whether you should go with a linear or box guide way system.

Life is better with choices. Read the full article here.

1. The ABCs of MSY CNC Machining
Two-axis turning centers are wonderful, but they can limit what you get done in a single setup. When it’s upgrade time, here’s your guide to MSY.

Milling makes money. Read the full article here.

Thanks for helping make this a great year!
Stay tuned to the Doosan blog throughout 2018. We have some big things planned.

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