5 Ways Our Easy Operation Package (EOP) Cures Machining Headaches

Two things you should know about Doosan. First, the voice of our customers is very important to us, and we listen carefully when they speak. Second, we can’t stop engineering things to make them better. So when our customers told us they love the performance and reliability of FANUC controls, but said they could be easier to use, our ears perked up. Our engineers and software developers put their heads together and came up with something called an Easy Operation Package (EOP for short) to give our customers new functionality.

EOP is just what our customers were looking for. This menu-driven Doosan exclusive not only helps to reduce setup time, but simplifies common tasks and reduces the potential for errors. While we were at it, we added features that reduce operating time, protect machinery, enhance quality and speed up maintenance. The software is user friendly and very familiar to the new generation of machinists who grew up with smartphones.

It would take us the better part of a day to point out all the great things that EOP can do for you, but here’s a handful to give you the idea.

1.Work Coordinate Utility

The success of a parts run is usually determined before the spindle even starts. Proper set up can make or break productivity and part quality. The bad news is that it can be a complex process with multiple steps to set up the X, Y and Z datum points. When done manually, each stage offers the opportunity for operator error. But EOP brings a simplified process of setting up work coordinates by reducing keystrokes and providing on screen graphics to guide users through the procedure step by step to minimize mistakes. Fast, error-free setups put additional money in your pocket.

2.New Operation Status Monitor

Fighter pilots use a “heads up” optics system that puts all the information they need for a mission right in front of them. In a similar fashion, the EOP New Operation Status Monitor lays out all the important status screens together on one display. No more jumping back and forth from screen to screen to gather data during the run. The dashboard layout is operator friendly, making you good to go for fast turnaround and increased production.

3.Alarm Guidance

You know when the “check engine” light in your car comes on? Kinda vague, right? Either your gas cap is loose or the transmission is about to fall off. No way of telling. The EOP Alarm Guidance not only gives you a error number to refer to, it provides a graphic of the machine that highlights the area that needs attention. There's even a detail button for more information about the alarm. The maintenance technician can go right to the source of the problem without chasing down manuals and running though a diagnostic checklist to pin it down. That means repairs are completed quickly and you’re back up and running in no time.

4.Adaptive Feed Control

Too fast or too slow? The “perfect” feed rate can be difficult to find on a workpiece since material depths can vary potentially throughout the cut. But how do you control feed rate for maximum results? Just like a racecar driver knows when to floor it and when to brake to achieve a good lap time, the EOP Adaptive Feed Control (AFC) sets the optimal feed rate based on checking the load of the spindle in real time. This may mean the programmed federate is reduced in a corner to reduce the risk of damaging the tool or it may mean the programmed feedrate is increased thus reducing cycle times. All you need to do for improved productivity is spend a small amount of time developing the baseline for the parts you run. Our proprietary software is simple to use and comes as a standard within the EOP package*.

5.Renishaw Probe Utilities

Remember thought problems? Well, for machinists, life can be one big thought problem. Identifying zero points, tool diameters, workpiece edges, circle centers and other datum points can involve a lot of math. And a one-inch error can lead to a collision on one hand or missing the part completely on the other! It’s better to let the Renishaw Probe Utilities (both spindle probes and tool setting probes) embedded in the EOP do the math for you. Their on-screen guidance systems are easy to use and even load the coordinates into the offset register. Besides, even if you can set one tool in one minute, what if you are using 20 tools? That’s 20 minutes out of production when your setup people are doing something else. The Renishaw Probe Utilities are finished before you can sharpen your pencil.

Value Added with EOP

We could go on for hours on the ways our Easy Operation Package can add value to your operation. Just one more before we go: EOP means less experienced operators can be taught to run one of our CNC machines and become productive faster than ever before. That’s important as many operations see their best workers reaching retirement age.

If you’d like to learn more information about how EOP can help you, give your local Doosan distributor a call. We’ve got all day.

*most but not all Doosan Mills come with proprietary software

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