5 Perks of Running FANUC Controls in Your Doosan Machine

Perk 1: Reliability
Downtime means more than a broken part and a service call. It means everything downstream of the break comes to a grinding halt as well. Not great for business. FANUC controls boast the longest the mean time between failure (MTBF) in the industry, dramatically ahead of their nearest competitor. Their comprehensive diagnostic and troubleshooting tools also ensure a low mean time to repair (MTTR) so in the event of an issue, it’s back in production quickly. Controls that keep working help our customers keep working. That makes us happy.

Perk 2: Energy Savings

With motors that drive pumps, fans, spindles and servo-drive systems, most machine tools gobble up energy like a 3-year-old with a plate full of pancakes. All that energy consumption adds to the bottom line fast.

FANUC uses a “systems approach” to reducing energy consumption. They consider the physical components, applications and processes to maximize the potential savings. As they put it, “The systems approach to reducing energy consumption ensures that all avenues are considered. There are success stories of saving 40-50% in machine tool applications.”

FANUC even builds in an energy recapture system that stores energy generated when servo motors decelerate. This energy eventually powers the acceleration of other motors in the system. (Read the complete story here).

Perk 3: FANUC Fine-Tuned by Doosan

We’re not satisfied with putting stock controls and systems into our machines, no matter how good they are. We’ve been working with FANUC controls since the late 1970’s, and have learned how to optimize their systems to get the most for each application.

While other machine tool builders may simply drop in as-built FANUC systems into their machines, we fine-tune each set to match the particular specifications of each of our CNC models. What does that mean for you? More of everything.

More performance.

Consistency model to model

More uptime.

More energy savings.

And at the end of the day, more profits.

Perk 4: Easy Operations Package

To recap, we take an exemplary FANUC control system and fine-tune it to particular CNC machines for even more productivity. What’s left? Making the controls easier to use.

With baby boomers reaching retirement, you may find your supply of talented and experienced machinists running rather thin. That’s one reason each control system we install in our machines comes with the Easy Operation Package (EOP). This menu-driven Doosan exclusive not only helps to reduce setup time but simplifies common tasks and reduces the potential for errors it also means less experienced operators can be taught to run one of our CNC machines and become productive faster than ever before.

EOP takes the headaches out of a range of everyday process. Tool recovery? Don’t call a service tech. Just follow the prompts. And there’s no need to look through service manuals to find a reason for an alarm that’s triggered. The answer is right on the screen. Every step of the way, follow the prompts and the EOP will keep your machine cutting a high level of metal with less operator effort.

Perk 5: EZ Guide i

Our EZ Guide i is a conversational programming system that simplifies shop floor part programming. Using this intuitive system, an operator can go from drawing to finished part even without knowledge of G-code.

“Conversational” simply means that the user begins a machine process in a friendly dialog box by pushing a selection button. EZ Guide i requests only needed information pertaining to that process in the form of easy to understand prompts. The interactive process guides the user through each process needed to machine the part.

Talk to Doosan today.

When it comes to our CNC machines, we just can’t leave well enough alone. We’re always working to make even the best components we use just a little bit better. If you’d like to learn more about the FANUC control systems on a Doosan machine you have your eye on, give your local Doosan distributor a call.

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