SeeScan’s Quest for Excellence Triggers a Move to DN Solutions

Operating out of a 120,000 square foot state-of-the-art campus in San Diego, California, SeeScan’s mission is to create products that help their customers see beneath the ground and below the water’s surface. The company began over 35 years ago when founder and CEO Mark Olsson, a graduate student at Scripps

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Cat’s Out of the Bag: Check Out the New PUMA DNT Series

P.T. Barnum famously said that “comfort is the enemy of progress.” While our extremely popular PUMA GT 2100 and 2600 models have been international best-selling turning centers for a long time, after listening to our customers (and the little voice in our heads that always drives us forward), we decided

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Powill Manufacturing Thrives on Jobs the Competition Won’t Touch

A multi-faceted, veteran-owned family business based in Phoenix, Arizona, Powill Manufacturing and Engineering (owned and operated by the Buchanan family) has been delivering precision military, commercial and aerospace components since 1959. Their portfolio ranges from parts produced for the F-22 Raptor, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Apache Longbow helicopter and Virginia

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Complete Parts in One Setup with the PUMA 3100LSY HTC with Sub-Spindle

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our family of horizontal turning centers. This new machine expands the capabilities of the line by incorporating a sub-spindle into the design. Say hello to the PUMA 3100LSY (and goodbye to multiple setups). The new model will make its debut in

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It’s been too long since we’ve all been together in one place, but IMTS 2022 is almost here. It’s our first as DN Solutions, and we are READY TO ROCK. Names change, greatness endures, and #MachineGreatness will be on full display at McCormick Place from September 12 to 17. So

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Kris Tyler Builds KPT Precision with Teamwork and DN Solutions America

Many of our customers are the second or third generation of machining families. You might say that the business is in their blood. That’s certainly the case with Kristofer Tyler, President of KPT Precision, located in Rexdale, Ontario, Canada. He started working in his dad’s machine shop when he was

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Doosan Machine Tools changes its name to DN Solutions

“The company will be reborn as a total manufacturing solutions provider.” Continue to prosper as one of global top three machine tool builders by identifying new growth opportunities.Generate synergistic effects with DN Automotive, an automotive parts manufacturer which became its parent company in January this year, tofurther grow.Exhibit flagship products

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NWI Precision, Doosan and Ferro Technique: Reliability Leads to Success

When it comes to machining exotic alloys to high geometric accuracies, Toronto-based NWI Precision has carved out a niche. There are not many other companies that can machine the parts they’re producing at the moment. Brett Hansen, Director of Engineering, joined NWI in 2016 as a Production Manager, bringing plenty

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The Next Generation: Meet the New NHP 5500

In recent years, the NHP 4000 established itself as an industry standard in 40 taper horizontal machining. At Doosan, we’re always researching and developing to build upon a successful design. On that note, the NHP 5500 2nd Generation is officially here. Just as the 4000 set a 40 taper standard

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